About Loikaw

Getting around Loikaw and Kayah

  • It is easy and pleasant to explore Loikaw town center on foot. Some hotels (e.g. Hotel Loikaw / Kayah Resort) are a short tuk tuk drive from the town center;
  • Some hotels allow tourists to hire bicycles (e.g. Kayah Resort);
  • Taxis can be booked easily through hotels and guest houses.
  • A short taxi trip inside Loikaw costs approximately 2,000 to 4,000 Ks.
  • Outside Loikaw, prices depend on distance and type of vehicle. Many different sizes of vehicle available for different group sizes. It costs approximately $40 to $60USD to hire a saloon car for the day, and $90 to $100USD to hire a minivan;
  • Loikaw tour operators (see page 49) can organise river trips along the Balu Chaung river, for approximately $40 USD per boat, which can seat 5 people;
  • These prices are only indications, subject to change, and should be confirmed.

Money and banks

There are several banks in Loikaw, where money can be withdrawn, by ATM and changed from foreign currencies. Note that banks will not accept foreign notes which have been folded, only clean, smooth notes.

Health and medical facilities

  • For emergency services, the Loikaw hospital T: (08) 321 511 is in the northern area of town, just south of the airport.
  • The police station is next to the banks on the main Lawpita road.
  • Tourists are not allowed to hire cars or motorbikes in Loikaw.
  • In Loikaw, people are generally very friendly and welcoming. However, as a safety measure, tourists are not recommended to stay out late at night.


Ooredoo and Telenor provide mobile phone and internet coverage, in the towns.