What’s on the menu?

Plenty of tasty food is available in Loikaw. It is easy to find good quality Myanmar curries, Chinese and Thai dishes. Several restaurants serve ethnic, Kayah specialities. The best known local dishes are Kayah sausage and ‘Hin Htoke’, a delicious snack made from steamed rice powder. Local people often enjoy this with a cup of millet wine, known as ‘Khaung Yay.’ Some western food is available.


Hygiene standards in sit-down restaurants are generally fair to good. Tasty, freshly cooked food is also available from local street stalls and markets. However, in these cases, hygiene can be below restaurant standards. Therefore, some discretion is advised, especially for people who have a sensitive stomach.


Prices for food in Loikaw are generally good value. You can find a simple bowl of noodles for as little as 800Ks per bowl. However, most dishes, eaten in restaurants, range from approximately 2500 Ks to 5000 Ks per dish.